Vice President’s Message

Real education enhances the dignity of a human being and increases his or her self esteem. If only the real sense of education could be realized by each individual and carried forward in every field of human activity, the world will be so much a better place to live in.

A P J Abdul Kalam

It is an honour and a privilege to be at the helm of affairs at Swami Devi Dyal Group of Professional Institutions, the Group that stands for excellence and continuously sets the highest standards, the Group that is an alma mater which all alumni look back to with fond memories, the Group that has given this country many distinguished personalities and leaders in diverse fields. Catering to more than 8000 students, Swami Devi Dyal Group of Professional Institutions is considered amongst the best and most sought after in this region. We feel proud to provide quality education by equipping our students with skills, confidence and a positive approach with an all round development. The Group is relentlessly striving to perceive and maintain academic excellence, at the same time encourages the students to participate in various co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. An amiable environment at the campus nurtures creativity, passion, resilience and leadership qualities among students for development of a versatile personality. Swami Devi Dyal Group started way back in the year 2000 by establishing an Engineering Institute. Over the last 17 years, it has now grown into a set of 14 Hi-Tech Institutions and this year we are in the process of adding another jewel to our crown in the form of “Swami Devi Dyal College of Commerce and Science”.

The call of the time is to progress and prosper geometrically and dynamically on a multi-dimensional canvass rather than merely to move ahead. At Swami Devi Dyal Group we want to give our students International Exposure. We intend to have Students Exchange Programmes with Foreign Universities for which many Foreign Universities are keen to have Tie Ups with our Group. These collaborations will make it easy for our students to go abroad to renowned Universities for further studies. Progress of an Institute depends mainly on performance of the students in academics, sports and cultural activities along with maintaining high values and ethics. I am proud to say that our students are doing excellent on all of these fronts with élan and finesse. Our governing body comprises of Educationists, Industrialists, Businessmen and achievers in their chosen fields. The management is highly supportive for the overall development of the students and faculty. The management takes keen interest and stands behind any such endeavour. Our Teachers are committed and dedicated for the development of the institutions by imparting their knowledge and play the role of facilitators as well as role model to our students. The members of the non teaching staff are highly dedicated with total commitment towards achievement of our mission and goals. Taking into account our academic achievements, infrastructure, co-curricular, extra-curricular activities and other all-round development, we have been honoured with numerous accolades at the State as well as at the national level in the form of various honours and awards.

The motto of the Group, ‘I will and I can’, is truly inspiring to our students. It encourages them to realize their dreams and achieve their goals which otherwise seems impossible. At Swami Devi Dyal Group, the students and staff truly believe that nothing is impossible and that is the secret of our success.

I extend a hearty welcome to all the young aspirants to our institutes who are keen to be a part of the happy family and assure them of our best support in fulfilling their cherished dreams by exploiting their full potential intellectually as well as socially.

Er. M. L. Jindal
Vice President

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