Oral medicine and radiology

oral medicine and radiology
The branch of Dentistry which deals with the diagnosis and treatment of diseases in the oral and maxillo-facial region. The speciality deals with the use of the latest equipment for diagnosis such as X-Rays, CT Scans, CBCT, and others. The knowledge of this branch of Dentistry is also of paramount importance in Forensic investigations and specialists of this field are often called upon for their advice in these.

With the emphasis on accurate diagnosis, this field gained tremendous importance in recent times. The advent of newer technology like CBCT has made diagnosis more accurate and the need for diagnosticians has increased. Moreover, theaccuracy in placement of dental implants is greatly increased with the use of these technologies. Moreover, these specialists are also being recruited over the country in Forensic teams to lend their opinion on forensic odontology.

About the Department
The Department of Oral Medicine and Radiodiagnosis in the institution has a digital OPG machine, Radio-Visuo-Graphy Machines and many other machines that aid in diagnosis. This, together with the dedicated faculty deliver diagnosis that is not routinely available to the neighbouring population.
The department also routinely performs incisional biopsies for histopathological examination of the stage of cancer. Radiography is performed in the department for the diagnosis of bone disorders, as well as for treatment planning of patients needing braces for orthodontic treatment.

Academic Activities
The department has conducted a Continuing Dental Education program "Oral Health for Overall Health" on 5th April 2014, which was attended by over 300 delegates from over 10 colleges of Northern India.

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Completed Research Projects
⇨ Association of ABO blood grouping in Oral Lichen planus patients – A cross sectional study .
⇨ Site specificity & association of burning sensation in OLP patients – A cross sectional study.
⇨ Radiological condylar changes and its association with age and dentition status - A Cross sectional Study.
⇨ Psychological appraisal in temporomandibular disorders: A cross sectional study.

Ongoing Research Projects
⇨ Efficacy of topical ozone therapy in management of infectious oral lesions : A randomized clinical trial.
⇨ Effect of TENS on salivary stimulation in post menopausal women.
⇨ Prevalence of Hallers cells and relation to maxillary sinusitis on CT : A retrospective study.
⇨ Establishment of fixed reference plane for anterior alveolar morphology in orthodontic patients through CBCT : A retrospective study.