Electrical Engineering

Department of Electrical Engineering
The Electrical Engineering students develop competencies in the main fields of Power Systems, Control Systems, Power Electronics and Drives and Instrumentation through study of subjects e.g. Electrical Machines, Electrical Machine Design, Measurement and Instrumentation, Transmission and Distribution, Network Analysis, High Voltage Engineering, Utilization of Electrical Energy, Control System, Power Generation and Control, Power Electronics, Micro-Processor, Micro-Controller, Signals and Systems, Digital Electronics, Digital Signal Processing, Analog Electronics, Communication System, Computer Methods in Power Systems, Electrical Engineering Materials, Field and Waves, Advanced Mathematics, Operational Research and Advanced Programming.

B.Tech Electrical Engineering
M.Tech Electrical Engineering

The Department has a team of well-qualified, experienced and dedicated faculty members working under the leadership of Mr. Harbhajan Singh, having good experience of Teaching and Research. The faculty is actively engaged in research and development, in addition to academic studies. The Faculty from Department participates in various conferences at regional and national levels. The faculty and students of the Department interact with reputed academic institutions to promote academic excellence. These institutions include PEC University of Technology, NIT, Kurukshetra, IIT Roorkee and IIT Delhi.

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The Department has over 15 well equipped laboratories and operates its own library, offering facilities to work in all areas of Electrical Engineering. The students sharpen their practical skills through working in the departmental laboratories which include Electrical Machines Lab, Control System Lab, Measurement and Instrumentation Lab, Power Electronics Lab, Electric Drives Lab, Network Analysis and Synthesis Lab, Microprocessor and Microcontroller Lab, Power Systems Lab, Communication Lab, Digital Electronics Lab, Analog Electronics Lab, Transducers Lab, Circuit simulation Lab, Computer Methods in Power Systems Lab. The Department is well equipped with number of PCs and workstations hosting several software packages and linked through a local area network. Internet services are available to all students and faculty. The department is active in developing programs and teaching aids for Electrical Engineering education.

The department has highly qualified faculty and staff who work with packed devotion and enthusiasm under the guidance of Dr. Sushil Kumar, Director of PG Courses. He has more than 30 years of professional experience in engineering education, industrial consultancy and research in the field of Mechanical Engineering with specialization in thermal and quality engineering. The department keeps up with the ever varying challenges of the modern day industry and is firm in its commitment to produce erudite and conscientious Mechanical Engineers. It is all set to produce a galaxy of budding engineers to meet this ever-growing demand.

Project Work and Industrial Training
The students of the department work on various innovative projects like Automatic Star-Delta Converter, speed control of Induction Motor by automated rotor resistance control method, Installation of Photovoltaic plant, Self excited Induction Generator (SEIG) etc. The students also take some projects as per industrial requirements. Solar Photovoltaic plant and Solar Tree has been designed and implemented at Campus, under supervision of HOD, Electrical Engineering. The students undergo industrial training of 4 to 6 weeks after 2nd and 3rd year where they work on live industrial projects in Corporate like BHEL, Thermal Power Plant, SCADA, NTPC, BSNL, HVPC, A2Z, L&T, Crompton and Greaves, USHA, SIEMENS, WIPRO, GE, Khaitan, NRTC, Godrej etc. Various In-house trainings are held on topics such as PLC, SCADA etc. The Department organizes various activities to promote entrepreneurship among students so that they become job-creators rather than job seekers.

To gain practical experience of industrial environment, students visit different industries such as Siemens, Havells, Bhakra Dam, Tajewala Dam etc.

Expert lectures are arranged by the Department on regular basis from professionals of Public Sector Units or MNCs like BBMB, Siemens etc. Faculty Development programs are also conducted for professional development of faculty.

The students of Electrical Engineering get placed in Central and State Government Departments e.g. Railways, State Electricity Boards and Thermal Power Plants. In addition, the students have got placed in prestigious Public Sector and Private companies like BHEL, NTPC, L&T, Siemens, ABB, Usha Sri Ram Group, Khaitan, Orient etc.

Renewable Energy Club
Department has also established a Renewable Energy Club in the year 2012. It conducts various activities like seminars, presentations & guest lectures on latest topics related to renewable energy. Many projects related to renewable energy have also been implemented by the club. This club has created alternate renewable energy system for smooth functioning of the labs in the Department.

Professional Memberships
Faculty members of Department interact with various professional bodies and have taken memberships of some of the prestigious institutions. Department has three faculty members who are Life Members of Indian Water Resources Society of IIT, Roorkee.

Electrical Engineering Faculty
S.No Name Designation Qualification Letter No. & Date of Approvel Date of Joining Approved/Regular Pay Scale
1 Mr. Harbhajan Singh Assistant Professor &HOD B.Tech,M.E CBA/225B/2019/9990 21.06.2021 09-25-18 Approved 15600-39100 + GP (6000)
2 Mr. Ankur Gupta Assistant Professor B.Tech,M.Tech CBA/225B/2019/9990 21.06.2021 09-25-18 Approved 15600-39100 + GP (6000)
3 Ms. Gagandeep Kaur Assistant Professor B.Tech,M.E CBA/225B/2019/9990 21.06.2021 08-14-18 Approved 15600-39100 + GP (6000)
4 Ms. Sushma gupta Assistant Prof. B.E.,M.Tech CBA/225B/2013/9377 dt. 8.5.2013 09-09-03 Approved 15600-39100 + GP (6000)
5 Mr. Sandeep Sharma Assistant Professor B.Tech,M.Tech CBA/225B/2017/7207 dt. 26.4.2017 09-20-16 Approved 15600-39100 + GP (6000)
6 Mr. Manish Kaushik Assistant Professor B.Tech,M.Tech CBA/225B/2017/7207 dt. 26.4.2017 12-04-17 Approved 15600-39100 + GP (6000)
7 Mr. Arun Partap Assistant Professor B.Tech,M.Tech CBA/281-B/2014/24805 dt. 09.12.2014 08-11-11 Approved 15600-39100 + GP (6000)
8 Mr. Surjit Ram Saini Pro Term Lecturer Diploma ------ 12-05-16 Regular 15600-39100 + GP (6000)