Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics

Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics
This branch of dentistry deals with the preservation of teeth. The specialists of this field believe in the dictim that natural teeth are the best and therefore spare no efforts to save the same. The specialists use the latest technology in the field of root canal treatment, and inlays and onlays to deliver lasting results.

The specialists in this field of dentistry are dentists in the true sense. Ever since the advent of root canals a few decades ago, the emphasis on preservation of teeth has shifted the scenario of dentistry into the endontist's lap. Dental decay is the most common dental problem, and it is the forte of the endodontist to treat this by various means depending on the severity of the decay.

About the Department
The Department has, in addition to fully operational electronic dental chairs, an operating microscope, a bleaching light, RVG as well as a fully equipped casting laboratory. Under the able guidance of Dr. Padda, who has also served as Principal of a Dental college, the department has been delivering quality dental care in the region consistently.

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Completed Research Projects
⇨ Evaluation of transverse strength of high impact heat cure resin and convenventional heat cure resins re inforced with e glass and polyethylene fibers- an invitro study.
⇨ comparative evaluation of retention in complete dentures made with three types of alginate, addition silicone and zinc oxide eugenol impression materials.
⇨ A study on the prosthodontic status and prosthodontics needs of people living in and around barwala region dist. Panchkula , haryana.
⇨ Microwave disinfection of dental gypsum cast.
⇨ An evaluation of tensile bond strength at the post core interface using different core build up materials with a prefabricated double post system – an invitro study.
⇨ Comparison of two implant impression techniques – an invitro study.

Ongoing Research Projects
⇨ Study of facial and dental midline deviation and golden proportion in dentate subjects.
⇨ Comparative evaluation of marginal accuracy and micro-hardness of seven different provisional restorative materials – an invitro study.
⇨ Comparative evaluation of dimensional stability of seven different interocclusal bite registration materials – an invitro study.
⇨ A comparative evaluation of changes in intrapulpal temperature and effect of cooling techniques during direct fabrication of provisional restorations using different matrices : an invitro study.
⇨ Comparative evaluation of effects of materials and variable length of the post on the fracture resistance of endodontically treated teeth : an invitro study.
⇨ Comparative evaluation of effect of surface treatments on shear bond strength between zirconia and ceramic veneering material : an invitro study.
⇨ Comparative evaluation of marginal accuracy and micro-hardness of seven different provisional restorative materials – an invitro study.